Handouts for Spanish Class/Missing Work


Once you head into the Google Docs page, follow the link into our current six weeks.  You will find a large warm-up file for the 6 weeks here where you can scroll to the dates of school you missed.  Also, you will find a large list of handouts, homework copies, and project copies from the 6 weeks.  Each day, I make a blog post listing the assignments completed and worked on.  Use that blog post and list to find assignments needed and missed.

If you miss a day of school, you are responsible for checking the blog, finding assignment names of what you missed, and completing those assignments.  If you missed a quiz, test, or speaking activity, please set up a time during lunch or before school/after school to make this up.

Click Here to proceed to Google Docs for Spanish Class.


3 thoughts on “Handouts for Spanish Class/Missing Work

  1. Hey Sr Ray one quick question how can we get our homework???

  2. Hey Mr. Ray where do we go for the google form?

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