Grading Policies

Course Requirements and Grading: WEIGHTED

Six Weeks Grade: Homework / Daily Work / Warm-ups 20%

Participation 20%

Quizzes 25%

Exams/Projects 35%

Semester Exam Grade:

Comprehensive Semester Exam 25%

3-Six Weeks Grades 75%

Late Work:

An assignment is considered late if it is not submitted on the due date.  A max of 70% can be earned on a late assignment if it is received within three days after the original due date and it has been completed with a good faith attempt and is 100% complete.

Recovery of Daily Grades & Homework:

Students will be given 3 school days from the time grades are posted on Family/Student Access to recover a daily/homework failing grade (69% or below).  In order for a student to recover a failing daily/homework assignment, the student must have made a good faith attempt on the original submission and on the recover submission.

A student can be given a recovery grade by either correction the original assignment or redoing the assignment.  Options for this will be communicated by the teacher.

Failing grades not recovered within the 3 days will be recorded as the final grade earned.  Recovered grades are eligible to receive a maximum grade of 70%.

Retesting/Test Corrections:

The student must complete the following actions before they can retest:

  • Must complete all missing work prior to retest
  • Must correct the test using the TEST CORRECTIONS FORM
  • Must attend a tutorial session for retest or reteaching

A retest must happen prior to the next assessment administration.


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